Engagement Center
Managing requests of customers in large companies
and citizens to government and local authorities

Intelligent Request Processing

The solution automates management of the non-emergency public service requests from citizens to government and local authorities. The system can also be used by enterprises to manage their customer interaction.

The system enables to accept requests by voice and digital channels unify request processing, improve control quality at every stage. It allows request recording in a unified register, maintaining history logs as well as cutting processing costs due to intensive use of AI technologies.

What problems the system solves

Heavy labor and financial expenditures for request processing

Traditionally, plenty of employees participate in request processing in the companies, which have a significant volume of customer requests. This is not only resource-intensive, but also quite costly.


Finding and appointing a person or a team to take responsibility of the request resolution

Companies with complex organizational structure often face difficulties of finding the resource required to process requests and resolve issues. There is a risk that customer requests remain unprocessed.


Mitigating reputational risks and side effects of poor customer services

If requests are received by multiple channels, and various business units shall process and resolve them, it is hard to trace the workflow.


Practically, identification and resolution of 20% root problems allows eliminating causes of 80% complaints and requests.

Naumen Customer Engagement Center is a tool to manage customer experience.
The solution enables to identify root problems, systematic errors and deviations of employee activities as well as their causes. Thanks to the obtained request statistics, a company can initiate internal changes to improve customers’ loyalty.

Scope of use

Processing an intense flow of incoming requests

A company has complex organizational structure with a large number of persons to take responsibility

All activities of a company are focused on and to customers’ interests

Customer’ requests are accepted by multiple channels

Compliance with Federal Law No. 59-FZ On Procedure to Review Requests from RF Citizens

А company is obliged to import substitution regarding customer servicing software

Base system platform

The solution is based on Naumen BPM software, which was developed with Naumen SMP as a platform, which is capable to ensure execution of any multi-stage processes. The software provides tools to design, execute, control, improve and optimize business processes.

What the solution can do

Accepts citizens / customer requests

Provides a single request reception window, which unites all channels:

  • phone
  • email
  • mobile application
  • SMS
  • messengers
  • social networks
  • web chat
  • online web forms or site calls

Intelligent request processing

  • Automatically classifies requests subject to their topics, priorities, processing orders and other specified data.
  • Allows setting and flexible adjusting of request routing rules.
  • Assigns responsible persons subject to various parameters (adopted procedures, employee skills and areas of competence, job duties, etc.)

Arranges request execution inside a company

  • Provides a unified request register and maintains history of interactions with citizens / customers within a single IT system.
  • Supports a knowledge base as online directory of reference materials required for daily operation (regulations, instructions, FAQs, ready-to-use procedures, searches for standard resolutions, etc.).
  • Creates complex request processing routes, if several departments of a service provider participate in the process.

Delivers request resolutions

  • Provides pre-configured response templates to resolve standard requests.
  • Creates a single point of contact to interact with customers (a self-service portal).
  • Controls request processing and identifies process deviations.
  • Creates custom reports and control panels (dashboards) for every manager.

Solution benefits

Provides omni-channel processing

Handles requests received by multiple channels (phone, messengers, social networks, web chat, online forms, web site calls, etc. ) and processes them through a single window

Allows robotic processing

Enables automatic classification and routing of requests to the end resolvers

Is a 100% Russian solution

Is listed in the Unified Register of Russian Software by RF Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications


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